Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Readers Digest condensed books in my building library

Wishing a nice warm safe day to me. I don't have any errands out side the building, I do need to pay my auto insurance but that is just a few blocks from here. I should do a little bit of grocery shopping but it's not a big need.

Tenant meeting tonight, I have to set up a sign in sheet, and print out agendas. Pull out my proposal to clean up the building library. Right now it's a collection of old books; lots of Readers Digest condensed books. Does Readers Digest even do Condensed Books any more? Yes apparently, only they are no longer called Condensed Books Select Editions Either set of books are, at least on ebay worthless. Readers digest Condensed books

I went out yesterday and did some shopping. I needed more printer paper and got the cat a new scratching post. The one I got was infused with Catnip, which had I realized was the case I would not have purchased it. My cat is not all that happy on catnip, she has a tendency to nip at Byron and I then go hide for a while. I am stuck with this scratching post for a while, but I'll be looking for a new one soon. I got one of those metal ones that promise to be the last scratching post I would ever buy. She hated it, hates it now. Even sprinkling catnip on it will not attract her to it.

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