Friday, February 18, 2011

First day at Boskone

Made it to the Weston about 4pm. There was no line and check in and Byron and I were settled in our room quickly. The hotel check in clerk asked me to fill out a pet form, and I reminded him that since Byron is my service dog, I don't have to sign a separate pet contract. He double checked with his manager and all I had to do was show Byron's id. Wandered into the Con Suite / Dealers Room / Art Show, and bumped right in to my friend Toni L.P. Kelner. We had meet last month at Arisia when I was having a snack down in the lobby and Byron decided to say hi to her kids. She saw me coming and was sitting at a table in the Con Suite with Charline Harris. She had mentioned before that she had told Charline about Byron; I had wanted to get a picture of her and Byron. I reached into my pocket for my camera and realized it was not there. After Dana Cameron was sweet enough to take a picture of Charlene and Byron for me, I headed back to my room.

Where I found not only the camera but my EPPI PEN!!!! Good heavens that is the very last thing I want to be without.

Back down to the Con Suite I went and Toni waited for me to return, because in my lack of working brain I had left Byron's food and water bowls on the table. She was kind enough to wait for me to come back and pick them up. And.... She showed me the cover art for the next anthology she is working on with Charline. OH man!! I got to send Tyler an email and let him know I need him to order me a copy! Got a couple of pictures of people with Byron. I will post most of them on Byron's face book page or on his Live Journal account.

Why yes, Byron does have both.

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