Tuesday, April 19, 2011

From Twitter 04-18-2011

Got the Sox game on in the bedroom got the bedroom and the Boston Marathon on in the living room This is the coolest day in sports
Hey WBZ it's #MarathonMonday quit going to interviews and commercials Stick to the runners! That is what this day is all about
The woman's race is over on #MarathonMonday men are at Kenmore Square getting close to the end.
Computer desk not large enough to spread out the things I need to do my taxes Back on the couch the game on as background noise
Finished filing my taxes Medical Expenses 8,000 last year! Still owe money in taxes. Worst day ever wanna just crawl under the bed
Really liked tonight's #Chuck Thought I started a bit lame but it got better at the end
I'm in to much pain to fall asleep Not fair body let me sleep this laying here in pain is worse than regular insomnia sending in more drugs

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