Thursday, April 21, 2011

Over slept and other thoughts

Hard to believe I missed an appointment for 11am by over sleeping, but I did just that. Woke up at 12:15. I was having a great dream, I dreamed that I was home and both my Grandmother and Father were still alive. To good a dream to leave behind for real life. I remember shutting off the alarm clock, which in my dream was my cell phone ringing.

It was a great dream! I am still enjoying the warmth from that dream three hours later. It does mean that I have to call the doctor's office and set up a new appointment. I really should spend some time cleaning the apartment. Bring a box back to storage, I pulled out the stuff I wanted to display and repacked the box.

Had a thought today, remember the old rhyme March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. Or April showers bring the flowers the bloom in May. Well I thought today that March was pretty snowy, and April is still blowing like a lion. Does that mean that we will have May showers and not see flowers until June?

Oh today is the first anniversary of the BP oil spill.

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