Saturday, April 23, 2011

Triscuit not growing in Massachusetts

Nabisco brand Triscuit crackers is doing a big promotion this spring. Their Plant a seed grow a movement each packets of Triscuit crackers has a small seed packet attached. The program working with non profit Urban Farming to encourage gardening. Sounds like a good idea except I have yet to find a box with the seeds still attached.

Yesterday at Stop and Shop I looked at every box on the shelves and the seed packet was missing from every one. I asked the store manager if he knew why the seed packets were missing, well he knew nothing about the promotion, and had to look at the boxes with me.

I wrote an email to Kraft foods about the promotion just wondering why the seed packets were removed from out boxes. So I'm just wondering, could every one look at the Triscuit boxes in their local grocery stores and see if the seed packets are still attached?

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