Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Byron is a better person than I am

One of our neighbors is moving from the third floor to the seventh floor. I thought he was getting help, but he was not. Byron must have heard him trying to move his couch on his own, because he went to our front door and barked to go out. I grabbed my keys and his leash and let him out the door. He likes to run down the hall.

Anyway, he ran as far as our neighbors door. And not further. I offered to help him move the furniture to his new apartment. Byron got comfy on the bench and waited for us to bring a few large pieces up. His wife got in the elevator to bring up a few smaller things, and he got in the elevator with her. When we came out of the new apartment he was there waiting for us. So cute <3

They wanted to rest for a bit, so I put Byron's leash on and walked over to the elevator. He had other ideas, he wanted to go back home jump back on the bed and go to sleep. He did not need to go out, he needed ME to go help our neighbors!

So I guess my dog is a better person than I am.

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