Monday, May 02, 2011

Way behind on that posty thing

I was starting to write a blog last night when I heard what happened! I know wishing for someone to die is bad, but he really deserved to die.  I was thinking last night that it would have been nice to see him die, but as the more adult and civilized side of me realized that

Any way, so yesterday I went to pick up Figment and we went over to see a friends new baby. Only 2 weeks old still on liquids. I got to hold her and feed her while her mom got a chance to eat with both hands. While we were there one of our mutual friends who is a barber stopped by. Figment had been thinking about getting a hair cut, well one thing lead to another and suddenly he was sitting on a stool getting his head shaved. It looked WEIRD super weird. He would not let me take a picture! We left when it was just about 4 and I was worried that we would not get to see a friend and her glass. Luckily for me I had not read the web page about open studios and thought the show ended at 4, but nope I was wrong, it ended at 6. Boy did I say a lot of sorry because I was kind of pissed about spending the extra time it took to get his head shaved.

We got there and as always Shariann your talent amazes me. I love that you work in not one, but two mediums where you are never sure what the finished product will look like. You are amazing and I am so jealous that you are going to be attending Launch Pad Astronomy Workshop and I'm not. If you need a ride to the airport just let me know.

And thanks again for sharing your knowledge about glass with us. Since I had promised there would be no photographs of baldy I don't have a picture to post of the four of us. I offered to help pack up the glass ware and bring the shelves and tables in. I forget to ask first if that was okay with the taller half, but he was sweet and agreed to help even though I had not asked him first.

I already know just what glass plate I want, and now I just have to save up my pennies until I can afford it. Happily I know where the artist lives.

Swung over to the house to check on Byron then went back to his place. Sat and watched some tv and then as the news was on realized I had not blogged about my day. The news stopped and said to stay tuned to a news bulletin from the President. A moment later twitter and the news feeds blew up! I almost called Tom, but figured his mom would be asleep and would get upset if she was woken up.

He called me and we just went back and forth for about an hour as new details came forward. I forgot to post I was just so excited.

This morning was my rheumatology appointment. Got some blood taken out and some meds pumped back in. I felt pretty good so after leaving the hospital I went to pick up Byron's 2011 dog tags and got the car inspected. I went to the same place I go to get gas and change my oil. The owner was so funny, he complemented me on having all my stuff organized having the correct amount of money and being there on the first inspection day of May. I laughed at that, telling him that when he saw the car he would not think I was so punctual. Seeing as I should have done the inspection by oh FRIDAY!!

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