Tuesday, May 03, 2011

More thoughts on the death of a monster

I will admit to being very happy when I heard he was dead. I was not dancing in the streets, I'm a bit old for that. I know that dancing in the streets celebrating the death of a horrible person is not patriotic. But to suggest that you are better than the people who poured into the streets is wrong. They are young enthusiastic and he is a mass murder who took the lives of many innocent people. I only knew 3 of the boundless numbers of people who died at his orders. Knowing he will never again order the death of faceless people is something worth celebrating.

Yes others will try to take his place. Groups already in many countries will continue to kill innocents just for the sake of paving their own paths to heaven. With any luck, no one will ever raise to his level, and no other country will allow some one like him to live like a king in their country.

Other arms will still ache to hold the family members they will never see. Their heart long to talk to friends who will never return. Not just here in America, but thorough the world I refuse to feel any angst for finding pleasure in his death. He found joy in the deaths of others, murdered for his version of Islam. The world found joy in his death. Case closed

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