Saturday, May 14, 2011

My girly kind of day

I was talking to a friend about doing brunch when Tom called. He asked me if I was girly? To which I said HAVE WE MEET??  His niece was over and had her first semi formal dance coming up. She was at his house and the plan was to take her out shopping.  Which as many of you know, I am awesome at. So I excused myself from the brunch plans and headed out to play with my own personal life size Barbie doll. I got over there just before noon and we headed out to Framingham Mall. I thought we were going to Chestnut Hill Mall, or I would have taken my fast lane out of the car. First we stopped at Kohls, which I see as a mid range store.

Then it was suggested we head to Macy's, but I had to suggest Lord & Taylor. Their selection is much better and I trust the bra fitters at L&T way more than I do at Macy's.  We walked in and I lead every one to the back wall where the formal wear was.  They had a nice mix of spring short semi formal on clearance and were bring in the summer maxi and formal dresses. Tom pulled out one dress that he thought was nice, and I asked him if we were shopping for me or his NIECE. He quickly put the dress back and picked out on with long sleeves and a high neckline.  I had to laugh, because he did the same thing a couple of other times. I just looked at him and said niece. One dress was so pretty I said I would pick it up when I lost 60 extra pounds and he could take me out. -- No shipping please --

He decided to sit out the rest of the shopping trip. Once we found a dress she liked and I took her up to the lingerie department to find the bra to go with the dress. Both Figment and his Mom decided to sit this part out.  Once we had the right bra we headed back down stairs.  Every one was hungry and I suggested The Cheesecake Factory, which was right across the parking lot. Sadly the wait was 20 minutes and Mrs. Woods really did not want to eat there.  She wanted to eat at Olive Garden, a place I so do not like.  I thought Olive Garden was on Highway 30, she thought it was on Highway 9. Tom asked someone and they pointed it out, it was on Highway 9.  Mrs. Woods was happy and said "Jan was wrong I was right." to which I said "Meh ain't no skin off my nose."

We went in the restaurant and I was looking at the menu, unable to see anything I wanted to eat. Then I realized it was not that I dislike the food on the menu, it was that I was being a bit of a brat about not getting to eat at the place I wanted to eat. So I picked something off the menu and ate it when it came. Never get garlic tortellini at Olive Garden it did not taste at all like garlic. So I am going to take the left over and simmer it in garlic for tomorrow.

Swung in to Toys R Us to see if I could find some new clothing for the new body sculpts for the Chelsea doll.  While I was walking through Toys R Us I saw the harumika toy line. How did I NOT know about this toy line before this?  Still can't find any clothing for the new sister sculpt.  Hey Mattel lets get a move on!!!

Talked to my Mom for a bit when I got home. She is going to her sister's house tomorrow and staying for 5 days. She and I had a good laugh over my tale of the day. She even picked right up on how I was not finding anything on the menu because I did not want to eat there.  Had a good laugh about her  brother. She was mentioned he has some friends that she and her sister really don't like.  I told her he was a bad judge of character he thinks I like him.  She started laughing and mentioned that when ever she talks to him he always asks if each of her kids talk to her on a regular basis.  I wonder if he thinks someone is going to call him.

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