Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Rest day

After yesterday I knew today was going to be a quiet day. Spent most of it curled up in a ball with a heating pad on my back. Feeling mostly better right now, just a bit of a lack of caffeine headache. I am low on coffee and completely out of my beloved Dr. Pepper.

Tomorrow will be a day for grocery shopping today was a day for doing not much.  I was supposed to get Byron groomed tomorrow, but I think I will put that off for a bit. I should have called them earlier, but did not. The close at 6 so I'm kind of screwed. I'll call her tomorrow instead.

I spent most of the drinking water, could not find my stash of 4C finally turned on the big kitchen light and searched through the pantry. I am such a big baby pouting because I had to drink water.

Talked to my Mom a bit, I was resting when she called, she just wanted to know how yesterday went. I told her and then went back to sleep for a bit.

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