Monday, May 09, 2011

We had jury duty today

Yes I say we, since both of us went. Got up early for anyone, at 6:30am. Put together a briefcase of me and Byron supplies treats for him snacks and medications for me. With the net book and cord the bag was quite heavy. I put Bryon's vest on as we went into the train station. He got a bit startled at the gate, I don't think he liked the swoosh of air. He went down the steps pausing at every other step so I did not get unbalanced. When we got onto the train I went to the front seats and sat at the end. I would have loved to use the single handicap seat, but some guy in a suit was sitting there and would not move. Jerk...

When we got out I started to walk in what I thought was the correct direction, but I quickly got disoriented. I pulled out the summons letter and a woman stopped and asked me if I was trying to find the Suffolk Court house. I was, and she worked there so she led me not just to the building, but to the elevator! So sweet, opening doors for us and every thing. I wish I had gotten her name.

I went in and handed the court officer my juror information. I answered the questions honestly, telling them reasons I felt I would not be able to serve on a jury. You know, the medical issues, the education and all. I was already starting to hurt, I had skipped taking my flexaril and tramadol so by 10 am I was a jittery twitching mess. The judge came in to swear us in, and Byron stood up with every one else. It made me and the people sitting near me giggle. Then he just curled up and went into half sleep mode.

We got called to be interviewed for a trial. I was asked what I needed the service dog for (the judge wanted to know) When it was my turn to be interviewed I was honest, telling the judge, lawyers and the defendant about my medial issues. Byron of course came up with me, and when he heard the judge talking he got up on his hind legs so he could see her. Gosh I wish I had someone snap a picture. I let her know that I would normally have taken medications that would have reduced the twitching and pain level, but that I felt it was unfair to the defendant for me to be on medication that would effect my memory and attention span. I did say I was willing to shift my medical schedule a little bit, that is skipping muscle relaxers and pain meds during the trial. She then asked about Byron and what he would do if I was having a problem. I told her he would first alert me by placing a paw on my arm or leg, then if I did not respond he would bark three times. Other than that I said he would just curl up under my chair and fall asleep.

I went back to stand with the court officer while the lawyers and judge discussed my ability to serve. Then the judge called me back and said that while they all admired my willingness to arrange my medications around the needs of the trial she was just not certain it would be in my best interest. After that they decided that I would be excused from jury duty.

I thought I would have to go back to the jury pool, but the judge told me I could go home. So out of the Court house we went. I did not need to hear that twice. It was just before noon when we got out and I could not decide if I wanted to go back on the T and head home, or grab a bit to eat where I was. I decided to go to the Salty Dog and have a sandwich and some ice tea. I wanted to sit on the patio, and the hostess said she would open the chain so Byron could walk around. I nicely pointed out his service vest, and we were escorted to our seats. The waitress was super nice too. I wanted an ice tea, but I was having trouble holding things at that point, I asked her if they had something plastic for me to hold for fear I would drop the glass. She searched around and in the end brought me one of their take out soup containers with a hold punched in it for a straw. I was so pleased it felt safer to me. The turkey club was delicious, Byron got a big bowl of water and a bit of kibble.

Byron and Mayor White

We left intent on heading back to the train station, first I tried to get a picture of him with the statue of Mayor White. There was no one around so I did the best I could holding the camera up at an angle.  Then I saw these two womanByron meets the Red Coats

After that, we went to back up the steps to Government Center  and headed for the blue line platform. He was a bit startled when the train pulled in, but managed to get on the train quickly enough. He gets a bit spooked by the gap between the train and boarding platform. The single handicap seat was open and I went right to it. During the ride someone tried to get Byron to come closer so they could pet him. He just turned his back and continued to support me. He does not like how the train makes him slide around a bit, so he presses up against me.

Once we got out of the station I took his service dog vest off. He was so happy, he rolled in the grass just for the fun of rolling. Now I think I just might go take a nap, Byron already is. 

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