Saturday, October 04, 2008

Size should matter

It being the first weekend of the month, and my being 'flush' with cash. Ok so not exactly flush, but hey sixty dollars extra is at least breathing space. I rewarded myself with a quick trip to Target. Not so much a reward really as a trip necessated by my current diet, and my pets habit of playing with my dirty laundry. I also needed a few office supplies to get ready for tax time.

So when you think about it, it was not a reward trip at all. I did get myself a clearance summer bag, so I will be in style should big jeweled hobo bags ever come back. Or I'll just pretend I have not found a fall or winter bag I like yet. Not sure which.

My first stop was the intimate apparel department, I was in need of new undergarments. One of the more rewarding parts of loosing weight is purchasing new clothing. The annoying thing, is my underwear starts getting loose before my jeans do. I walked into the department and without thinking grabbed a bundle that matched the size pants I wear. Size 9. Cotton, looked cute, and just below the belly button, so they worked on all facets of what I expect underwear to do. Except fit.

I just don't remember from shopping trip to shopping trip that woman's clothing is sized differently. So while my butt might be a size 9/10 in pants, in underwear it is two sizes smaller. According to Hanes, woman's underwear covers four size ranges, so as a size 9/10 jeans, I should be wearing a size 7 pair of underwear. Now if I wore size 14 - 18 I would wear a size 9 pantie. And if I wore a size 19 - 24 I would wear a size 10 pantie.

I'm confused.

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