Thursday, November 13, 2008

BC I think you might have lost your way

Being raised Catholic in Boston means certain things. It means that no matter where you went to college, BC was your first college of choice. A chance at BC was the only reason to attend church after confirmation. For a poor catholic kid, like myself college was the way out of poverty. Well either that or work for the I's. The Irish or Italian Mob.

The trail went from Catholic School, to Catholic College, and then, if you were a young male son, into the church. For girls, maybe the convent, and maybe a spot in Boston politics. It was Boston College, our college. If you could not get into BC, then UMass Boston was your second choice. Third choice, for those of us who wanted to get away from the city for a while, was just about any where else.

Our parents wanted us to attend BC, the college that promised you would behave and not act at all like the average college student. It was the local feeder school the community colleges aim students at.

Then during the 1980's the school changed tactics. Becoming a mega school, being more interested in how much money they could get from students, instead of building up the city and it's people.

Now they have stepped over the line, gone from being a Catholic college to your average drinking school. In a way to make even more money, because if it's one thing this school needs it's more money. They already take in more students than they can teach, more students than they have space for.

Boston College Secrets

Now they have reached down to the bottom of the barrel. By joining with Victoria's Secret to sell clothing with the BC logo they have given up the last shreds of soul they once had. Skimpy woman's shorts, sweatshirts and pants. I would like to know, just where are these outfits being sold and where they are being made.

It's bad enough that the school has lost it's way, I hope no one else is being taken down with them.

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