Saturday, November 08, 2008

On the big issues of the day - What kind of dog should the girls take to the white house

Since the girls have dog allergies, they need to get a dog from the Spitz family. These breed of dogs have solid core hair and round dander more like a person's hair. Instead of hollow core hair and flat dander as most dog breeds do. The girls are not allergic to 'dogs' they are allergic to the dog dander and fine hollow dog fur.

I use to have an awful problem with allergies, I still do, and dogs with very short hair labs shepards and the type still get my nose to running. But long haired dogs cause less allergy, and the double coated dog breeds almost none. It's not perfect, if I bury my nose in Byron's fur I will get a clogged nose. Mostly because as a group Keeshounds are very loving and if I get my face close to his tongue I will get a face washing.

So I vote for a Keeshound, like Byron. But any Spitz like Wolfspitz, Chien Loup, Akita Inu, Chow Chow, Eurasier, Hokkaido, Japanese Spitz, a mutt puppy with at least half of any one of these bloods.

So let me introduce - Byron my keeshound -a lovely spitz breed, very hypoallergenic. He does not have hollow fur, or dog dander (what the girls are really allergic to) He has solid core hair, just like we do. Only weighs 40 pounds but looks bigger. Has the attitude of a big puppy. And, I got him from a shelter. Did I mention that they do almost no shedding? Byron blows his winter coat in April and that is it until October. So no shedding on the White House antiques.

I put his picture up on buzzfeed, and every where else I can think of. So please buzz me up.

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  1. I am not sure why any serious purebred fancier would want a dog of their breed in the White House. In those breeds that had not yet been ruined by excessive and indiscriminate breeding (such as my breed, the Eurasier), it would surely lead to that occurring.


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