Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Did I ever mention that sometimes I hate people

When I got to the bank there was a huge line, partly because the ATM was down, and partly because of this ass hat at the teller window. I should write an ass-hat post just for them. He was trying to exchange 200 dollars Canadian for American money. Except he was not a customer of the bank, and he did not have a current id. His girl friend who was taking up another tellers window redoing her makeup was not much better. The bank did each bill separately, and had to run each one through a machine in the back to confirm it was not a counterfeit. The dude was having a fit and yelling at the tellers and the bank manager that they were taking to long and that he was unaccustomed to having this much trouble changing money. I wanted to tell him he should have gone to the place down the street that advertises it's ability to do currency change. Except, I am to tired, stressed and wet to care. Both were total tools, who complained that the bank was ruining their vacation. Well hell, as much as I love my town, who the hell vacations in Revere? Are you staying in Revere? Did you think when you went into this tiny bank, that maybe they would not be to accustomed to doing money exchanges?

Do the two of you ever think at all? Oh, and girl friend, just because the top of your panties are lace, and match your undershirt, it does not mean they should appear over the top of your jeans.

Once it was my turn with the teller she drove me crazy. I wanted to make three separate withdrawals from my account, one to pay the electric bill, one for the gas bill, and one for the rental fee on my appliances. Instead she added the three together and gave me one big handful of cash. Ya thanks dip shit. I told you three separate pulls and three separate envelopes. Do what I tell you next time.

From there I drove to the office where I pay my gas and electric bills, but first I had to walk past yet another ass-hat who wanted me to move a shopping carriage out of her way so she could park in a spot close to the store. She made this request by rolling down her passenger window and yelling 'hey you, move that carriage!' or 'hey you, move that fucking carriage!' She was appropriately ignored by everyone. When the person who was parked in the opposing parking space pulled out, she roared into the space and sent the offending cart into the middle of traffic, almost causing me to hit it. So I had to stop and move the cart into the rack. Her response 'that would not have happened if you moved the fucking cart like I told you!' My response, 'No it would not have happened if you got out of your car and moved it your self bitch!' What do I attract assholes or something? Is there a sign over my head that says, 'Only needs one more thing to go wrong to push her over the edge.' So fat broad in the Escalade, you might think you won this round, but I am making fun of you over the World Wide Web.

Squeezed myself into size ten jeans today, this not having enough money for food is the best diet I have ever been on.


1- It's not because I can't control my money and waste it, it's because my medical bills are through the roof and are over a third of my monthly income.

2- Why the heck are you reading my blog so often, I mean really SIX page views yesterday? Don't you have a life?

Ok, so next I went to pay the bills, except my electric bill did not go through because they said I had my account number wrong. I had the bill in my hand, they were entering the account number right off the bill. At least I think they were.

So I'm back home, only three bills paid, I like doing it in person, because otherwise it gets screwed up. It also lets me interact with people, something I don't get to do much as a disabled person.

The last place I went was great. I paid the monthly rent to own fee for my stuff, an then talked for a bit to the guy that was there. His wife also had to deal with cervical cancer, but unlike me, the second her doctor saw a stage one cancer she went into surgery and had a full hysterectomy. Is it sick that I am jealous of her better insurance.

Well, now that I vented it's time to go back to trying to pull out enough spoons to set up the Barbie village for the holiday. Dogs are so cute, both are sleeping on the floor by the couch and both are dreaming. Nothing like a walk on the beach and a good game of catch to tire them out.

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