Monday, December 29, 2008

People who hire illegal immigrants violate more than just wage laws.

illegal immigration is damaging our communities. Not that The Boston Globe or reporter Maria Sacchetti think that is a bad idea. Today's paper has an article about how state law is being used to make sure illegal immigrants are paid a fair wage. What the article does not mention is the laws the companies and illegal immigrants are breaking another law. The one where companies are not suppose to hire people who are in the country illegally.

illegal workers

My blue collar neighborhood is being decimated by the influx of illegal immigrants. People who built homes, did plumbing, repaired oil burners, all have been replaced by illegal immigrants. Business owners who refuse to hire illegals can not compete with business owners who do.

If a business is found to be hiring illegals, the business hiring practices should be monitored for ten years. The business owners need to spend some time in prison. Closing the business punishes all the citizens who work there, not just the business owners.

I think it's time for us to start taking matters into our own hands. It is time to push for national ID cards. Then demand to see those cards when ever someone does work in our own homes. If we start reporting illegal workers to the INS, and refusing to hire a company that hires illegals we the people can force companies to change.

As of today I will no longer shop at 88. I am thinking about starting to really protest. To put out fliers telling people that by shopping there they support illegal immigration. Or picketing companies that hire illegals.

The government wont do anything about it, the countries that depend on the money illegals send home will not let them. We have to do something ourselves.

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