Friday, December 26, 2008

An enjoyable customer service call

Have to do a reverse number look up. Got an odd phone call today. From Ananthakrishnan, what ever that is? I was walking the dogs and missed the call. I discovered the call came from my doctor's office, once I got my messages to work.

Just had the most enjoyable customer service call. Yes I am a strange one, I already know that. I was checking my voice mail, and all the times were off. It was on, as best I can tell Greenwich Mean time, not Eastern Standard Time. I tried to change the time, but it would not change from GMT. So I got on the help chat line for Comcast. I had the best time chatting with the help technician on the other end of the line. We were sending each other bad puns, giving weather reports, and just making each other laugh. They were unable to fix the problem, but I had so much fun in the conversation I stopped caring that my voice mail messages were all messed up.

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