Thursday, December 25, 2008

It has not been much of a secret

That I have been spiraling down this year. My health and my writing have slowed to a crawl. I managed to get all of no presents for anyone. Well not quite true. I found this nice super cheap leather coat that I thought I could give to my odd nephew. Except Drumstick chewed on it, and got sick. I found some nice photo collage frames for my siblings. So I can give a 'family' gift. Some kids books grouped in a pile become a gift for the three year old nephew.

It's a start, a very small start. It's not that I expect presents I don't. Last years Holiday Barbie was a real surprise. I like the giving presents part. That's what is missing from this holiday season. Presents for other people under my tree. A few for me would be nice too.

Time take the dogs for a long walk.

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  1. Hi, I want to wish you a happy holiday. I was just driving around tonight and passed through Revere.


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