Wednesday, December 24, 2008

2008 Holiday poem

This years poem is a bit late, I just have no holiday spirit and even less ability for word play.

First floor is clean, well just about so,
the tree is light the lights shine below.
The dogs they are sleeping taking a break,
only Spencer the rabbit is still awake.

The birds have settled down for the night,
all curl up watching the holiday lights.
My furnace is running, the water is too,
how happy it makes me to go to the loo.

I really don't have much of a holiday spirit,
for the poverty line I am to much near it.
Still it is not about presents so I am told,
but gathering together which never get old.

So I will with my parents, my siblings their kids.
Break bread, have some turkey and be glad that we did.
Spend this day together, to see one another.
Fall back to the habits of sister and brother.

Tell stories that have some tiny hint,
of what really happen and what didn't.
Remember the people we once were able,
to visit to play to see over the table.

From Byron and Drumstick
Purrball and Spencer
Fidget, the birdies
the dragons, now two

Wish some one you love a wonderful day,
and from someone you like happy holiday!

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