Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Two things I have to share, well maybe three

I posted about the new muppet channel over at my lj blog. muppet stories

I am reading this amazing book by James Morrow "The Last Witchfinder" I started it at ten, it's two am, and I will finish it before I fall asleep. The book is just THAT good. I promise a review tomorrow. The Last Witchfinder I'm glad I have only a few things planned for tomorrow.

Call of the Green Monster is back publishing again. My favorite Red Sox parody blog, heck maybe even my favorite parody blog. Reading Bill Mahoney is a bit of joy, a bit of insight and a reminder that above all else. it's not only a game. If you have never read this blog, or deleted the link when he went away in October, join me in welcoming him back.

Call of the Green Monster

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