Saturday, December 13, 2008

South Park as a course of study.

Listening to Here and Now, some guy is teaching a course in 'South Park' Wow, what a waste of 3 credits. Ya that's going to help you get a job. He just said 'Kids in this generation need to be entertained while they are being educated.'
South Park college course

Am I the odd one out? When I went to college I took courses that would help me get a better job. I had to take some literature courses, and a language course courses in Art and Music History were requirements. Boring as all get out, but the art history class at least was interesting enough that I keep the textbook. One of the few non health and safety textbooks I kept. I had a requirement of taking 3, three credit courses of what ever I wanted. The dreaded 'open credit' classes.

Does a class like this really belong in college? Is it going to help a student obtain a better job, or teach them to think for them selves? Why do people go to college today?

When I invested in a higher education, it was to open doors that were other wise closed to me, to move myself forward in the world. I would have never taken a class like this. I wonder about people who did? I wish I could find someone taking this class and ask them why they took it, and how it will help them in their future. What careers are they aiming for, if they are aiming for one at all.

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  1. Well, I absolutely wasted my time in college. I agree with you - the purpose of college is to get a good JOB. It's not to be entertained. I majored in English which was a path to no where. It would have been much cheaper for me to have gone to the library and my college degrees (I also have a M.Ed in Education but found out after I graduated that I hate teenagers) were absolutely useless when it came to jobs. The only field for which I was qualified was the secretarial field. I am now a legal assistant but I didn't need a college education for that. If I had to do it over again, I would have studied a trade that would have earned me good money such as CT Scanning or nursing. It would have been cheaper and taken less time and I still could have checked out all the great classics and read them on my own.


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