Monday, January 12, 2009

Never speak to a registry employee before having three cups of coffee or a hit of acid.

Never speak to a registry employee before having three cups of coffee or a hit of acid. Because I had to call the Reg this morning, and like Alice, down the rabbit hole I went.

After the events of Friday I decided to brave the phone system and call the Registry of Motor Vehicles. Yes, I discovered my license had been suspended. Like a fool I wondered why I had not been notified. By with some huge letter or something. Well in order to save money, they don't send letters any more. My next question was, did the judge get my huge letter saying why I disagreed with the ticket.

Yup he sure did, but he decided that the ticket was going to stand. Ok, so why did I not get a letter telling me that?

Budget cuts again. Budget cuts.

According to the person at the Registry, I should have attended the traffic court (way on the other side of the state) then I would have known the judge did not agree with me and I could have paid my fine. Because it's my responsibility to know what the judge decided, not his to tell me.

So, if you get a ticket and need to go to traffic court, don't just send a letter saying your innocent. Also include a check for the amount of the ticket, just in case the judge decides you are at fault. That way, the court can take your money, and you can go on with your life.

Next question, how would I know if the judge finds for me, and I am innocent? Well first, as she said, I should have gone before a judge, or secondly, if they found me innocent, the check would have been shredded. So my innocence would have been proven, by the un-cashed check.

Rabbit, meet hole.

And a note to the woman who helped me out. Who managed to say some of the most amazing things with a total lack of awareness that she was walking the fine line between reality and fantasy. You did so with the most amazing ability to speak as if you were sharing the news that I had won a million dollars. Relaying just how screwed I was with such a positive attitude.

I want what ever drugs they are handing out at the Reg, their better than anything I can get at CVS.

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