Saturday, January 10, 2009

My Arisia panels

Friday Panels --

Fri 7:00 PM -01:00:00 William Dawes A Media Addams Family Vs. The Munsters Abigail Weiner, James Zavaglia, Janice Dumas, Ian Randal Strock, Don Sakers

Fri 9:00 PM -01:00:00 William Dawes B Media The Art of Kroft Janice Dumas, Solomon Davidoff, Peter Maranci, James Zavaglia

Saturday Panels --

Sat 10:00 AM -01:00:00 Fast Track 1 FastTrack Avatar Fan Club for Kids Don Sakers, Janice Dumas

Sat 1:00 PM -01:00:00 Prefunction BC Anime What Do You Mean Last Air Bender Isn't Anime? Elizabeth OMalley, Jamila Sisco, Janice Dumas

Sat 4:00 PM -02:00:00 President's AB FastTrack "The Fair-ly Odd Parents" Sing-a-Long Janice Dumas

Sunday Panels --

Sun 11:00 AM -01:00:00 President's CD Lifestyles Mad Scientist Laugh Contest Ian Cooper Rose, Howard G Beatman, Janice Dumas, Solomon Davidoff

Sun 1:00 PM -01:00:00 Crispus Attucks Lifestyles Fannish Disaster Prepardness David Larochelle, Janice Dumas, T Christopher Davis, James B Van Bokkelen, Martha H Adams

Sun 3:00 PM -01:00:00 Fast Track 1 FastTrack I want a fairy godparent! Janice Dumas

Sun 9:00 PM -01:00:00 Prefunction BC Costuming Costuming With and For Dolls Janice Dumas, Dawn Albright, Heidi Hooper

I thought I had a panel on Monday, but I was wrong, at least I think I was. I looked at the list more than once just to make sure. I have been working on getting my ideas together since my headache calmed down. Saturday night live is starting and Neil Patrick Harris is the host. I am about to be distracted...

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