Friday, January 09, 2009

Today was a day like no other, and I mean that in a bad way

So here is how my day went today, in a word, it sucked...

************** 8am today
Some time you think it can't get any worse and then it does.

Got pulled over by the cops on the way to the vet with Drumstick. Today, at 8:10 am I discovered my car had been ordered impounded. I have to call or visit the registry to find out WHY my car was impounded.

You would think the Lynn cops would have something better to do than send two cruisers to pull me over. One blocked my progress down the street to my vets and the other pulled in behind me. I had cops on either side of my car, did they expect a shoot out or something. SO they impounded my car, they let me drive the half a block to the vet office and leave the car in the lot. They are supposedly going to 'monitor' it for the day to make sure I don't just get in the car and drive home, I guess when I feel less like I am going to take my own life I will take the T into Chinatown and go to the registry. Figure out what the hell happened and how much money I don't have it will take to get my back in my car again.

That's my life world, one good thing happens, and a couple of bad things happen to take it's place.

*************** 2pm today

So just called the vet, drumstick is still sleeping, not ready to go home yet. And, get this

My car is still in the parking lot of the vet. STILL!

After the cop told me they were impounding it, and parked next to it to 'wait' for the tow truck, and told me to leave it unlocked IT'S STILL THERE.

Were they just fucking with me this morning? Or did the woman at the vet not really look out the window and just lied to me that the black Honda Element was still in the parking lot.

************** 6pm

A friend came over and helped me rescue my dog and my car. It stayed unlocked in the parking lot of the vet office all day. The drivers license the cop took from me was tossed on the floor of my car. What the hell is with the Lynn police.

*********** 9:30 pm

I have to see if I can Drumstick to take his pain pill, poor little baby is in to much pain to sleep.

Working on my panels for Arisia, crap, I have NINE panels

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