Friday, January 09, 2009

Playing catch up

Saturday I was one of the people profiled in an article about people who need to sell their personal possessions in order to cover medical bills. The comments made by people to the article scared me. Pure hatred. And they did not even say I was a pagan!

Part of me wants to write a long post telling all the people who commented that I think they suck. The rest of me wants to pretend the commenters are just assholes who don't matter to me. Except every nasty comment hurts.

Selling collection to pay medical bills

Then this place listed the article and while the comments were less nasty, they were still not helpful.

democratic underground

I do hate the picture of me, I know the medications have made my face fat, but I did not realize I looked so bad in profile.

Took another tumble today, the dogs were outside playing with Mia the husky from next door, I was playing with then and Drumstick decided to get me involved in the game. He ran through my legs and took me down.

I talk to the scheduler at Mount Auburn Hospital on Monday. Trying to schedule the surgery between Arisia and Boskone.

One last thing, could everyone do me a nicer favor, and vote for dave freer and eric flint. then pass it on:
Predators and editors

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