Monday, January 26, 2009

Oh my gods and goddesses I'm offended. And laughing my ass off.

I just got a phone call from a total stranger. One who was calling after I became the subject of an article in the local paper. I was talking about people who were selling off beloved personal collections due to excessive medical bills. besides the point

Now I have been getting phone calls about this for the last week or so. Some from people asking how they can help, others from people asking if I have dolls they can purchase. I have sold some, they helped me get food, and pay some bills. A recent fund raiser and paypal fund drive has allowed me to pay more. Which is besides the point.

This call was a first, the person started by asking me about my upcoming hospitalization, so she had been reading my blog. She suddenly switched gears, and told me that people who collect things usually have an empty space in themselves that needs filling. Warning sirens should have gone off in my head but they did not. I'm to nice. I let her know that I had no empty spaces, I just loved my collections, my wonderful library and massive doll collection.

She asked me if I had been able to pay my cable bill, and then asked if I had ever watched the 700 club? Um no, I'm not a fundamental christian, I can haz self awareness. Because, and here is the kicker, god had told her to call me, and ask me for money for her to send to the 700 club. She would send the money, and then, the people at the 700 club would pray for me and cure my cancer!

Wow, does the medical establishment know about this?? Or maybe the bunko squad?

When I told her I was a practicing pagan she flipped out. Did I she asked, dance with satan?

'No, I don't believe in satan, he is a christian concept, not a pagan one.'

'So did I dance unclothed outside with other witches?'

'What is it with you and nakedness, first off I have two left feet, and secondly it's to cold out right now.'

So she started telling me that when she was younger she had meet a satanist and went of on a tangent about living in San Francisco in the 60's.

I just told her that I had other things to do, and blessed be for thinking of me. I don't know who hung up first, and I so don't care.

Anybody want the phone number to call and offer to pray for her??

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