Sunday, January 25, 2009

Hey AARP prescription drug plan - could you approve my medications now

Woke up feeling like I was on the tail end of a drinking binge. Woozy, stupid and stumbling over things. Feel like now would be a good time to pass out. Except it's eight thirty in the morning and I went to bed at ten thirty last night.

It's not a headache I feel but a complete disconnect from the top of my head. I can feel the ocean breeze flowing over my eye brows and through my hair. Higher brain functions are missing from the equations. Wow, big words from such a small brain.

The woes of missing two medications that cost to dam much. Even if I get insurance approval, which is not guaranteed. I still might not be able to afford what they decide to pay. When I signed up for the program, I talked to someone and listed all my prescription drugs. The ones that were 'required' i.e. - all of them, and the ones that were 'voluntary' - none of them.

To explain, a voluntary medication is one that can be replaced by an over the counter medication. So my allergy medications are not covered, because the medications sold over the counter are suppose to be as good as the prescription strength. Never mind that the prescription strength is MUCH stronger, with fewer side effects. Big whoop, it's not covered. Now the two scrips I am doing without this week are important ones.

Ones that cover brain function, and awareness. Ones that without which my brain has been on a minor acid trip. My simple artistic ability is limited to coloring books. Which I try very hard to stay within the lines. They are

Creating an artistic history of what my brain has done to me this week is difficult, by I am trying. What I am trying to say AARP prescription plan. Is these two meds are required, and without them I turn first into a head case, then a coma patient. So get off your collective wallets and let me have my proper medications as requested by my doctor.

Who last time I checked knows a lot more about my condition than you do.

I wonder if any tests have been done on people who are forced to go cold turkey off an important brain stimulant drug. I so did not volunteer to do this. Any body got some provigal 500mg I can borrow I so do miss my brain.

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