Saturday, January 24, 2009

Life with out my important meds

Because my new insurance coverage needs time to fuck with my life, I have not been taking all the medications I am suppose to. The insurance company AARP, needs to pre-approve all my medications. Medications they knew I took back in November when I signed up.

Because two of my medications cost a heck of a lot of money I decided to go without. One of my medications Provigal costs 65 dollars a pill. Another one Namenda costs 40 dollars a pill. So I am going without. Even with the coverage I get, my share of the medication is high.

Without the medications, I am having the worst nightmares and it's like being on an acid trip. Been drawing some of the images I see, and they are scary, very scary. Like billows of fabric floating over my head, and draining me. I might post some of the pictures later.

Posted more pictures of the Barbie collection.

Took out both dragons and interacted with them for a bit. They were both starting to brumate and since the person taking care of the animals did not realize this they ended up with dry tanks. So I let them drink as much as they wanted and get a bit warmer than they were. The house was a bit colder than normal and they started going into hybernation.

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