Saturday, January 31, 2009

Plan D stands for dumb - fighting with my insurance company yet again

Well I have provigal once again. It took my doctor a full week to get the new insurance company to approve a medication I know works for me. I am tempted to break all the pills in half and try to squeeze two months out of the meds. My copay is a chilling $236.87 while the insurance company only paid $68.48! And they paid nada on my plaquanel, so that's another 23.66 out of pocket. Can't wait for the period where I have to pay full price on my meds.

Ya, great prescription drug plan I have, once the combined total of $2,400 is reached, I have to pay the next $4,800 out of pocket. As a plan it sucks, considering I also pay 235.00 dollars a month for the privlige. I keep wondering if I should drop the plan entirely and just pay for all my medications out of pocket.

Well going to try to apply for free care again. And food stamps, and what ever other programs I can apply for. I did not think I would be eligible for the free phone, but I was. So lets see what other programs are out there that can help me out. I wish I could all the applying on -line, or over the phone, I hate the idea of having to go to the welfare office and sit there to be judged! When I was fresh out of high school I got a job in the welfare department in Framingham. I know what people are like in the welfare office, I was one.

I guess payback is a bitch.

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