Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Contacted a home health care company

I just got off the phone with a home health care agency. The cost is $25 dollars an hour. With a minimum of four hours each day. So $100 dollars a day for ten days. I had better set aside that money now. The service is not something I can get through my insurance. According to the home care person, at best I could get a Visiting Nurse to come in and check on me (and only me) every other day.

The person will arrive each day at 8am, and stay until noon. They will do my errands, my shopping, some house cleaning and laundry. Walk the dogs, help me care for the rest of the zoo and make sure I have eaten a good meal before they leave. And set me up with something for dinner. At one hundred dollars a day it will be worth it to know that I will not have to call around looking for help, or panicking because I can't fix something.

It's not the way I really wanted to go, but it's the safest way to go.

I want my legs to stop ripping themselves apart. The rest of me is at about a 4 pain level wise. My legs are at a 9.

Watching Bonnie Hunt, waiting for the mail. I have a sleeping puppy next to me and another at my feet. Life is kind of good.

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