Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Go to the new Registry of Motor Vehicles off in Revere

They are organized to be the the Registry of the Future. Each person has a multi task station so there is no need to go to multiple stations. In most Registry offices if a person has a suspended license, they must wait in one line to pay the suspension. Then return to the front desk get another number and wait in a second line to get a new license.

With the new setup, one person can take money to re activate a drivers license, and take the picture and paper work for the new license. Each desk is nice and wide, well lit with a chair in front for the Registry customer. Every thing from the digital camera to the eye test is in one place.

I like the new easy to use office are and the large well lit seating area. The stress level on both sides of the desk has vanished.

The new office is on the lower level of the new strip mall, take Everett Street (in between the bank and the mall) to the back of the mall.

I never expected to have good customer service at the Registry of Motor Vehicles. I had great customer service, thanks Reg.

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