Friday, February 27, 2009

Dear planet earth...

You know, my being the healthiest person I know is not the most awe inspiring thing. Everyone who helped take care of me when I was in the hospital has the flu.

Except for me... Well maybe what I am going through is worse, but if I could take the flu from my friends I would. See world, I am use to being sick, I am use to not being able to crawl far from my bed. What I am not use to is all my friends being sick. Nope, not use to that at all. I like my friends to be healthy, and me to be sick.

Well except for last Relaxacon, when some one was on crutches, and I had the best time taking care of someone who was more disabled than I was. I even made the con chair laugh when I said that.


  1. "I like my friends to be healthy, and me to be sick. " can't carry the whole burden by yourself. Remember that martyrs are the first to die. They give and care until there is nothing left...

  2. I will try to be careful about that. Except I have always been one of those people who thinks I can fix every thing.


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