Thursday, February 26, 2009

But not today

Slowly catching up on projects that need to be done. Mentally checked out from 11 to 3, needed the pain meds, did not want the nap that came with it.

Wish there was a medication that cut the pain, but did not kill my brain. Any ideas about what that medication might be. I did like needed meds, I really do.

Got to spend some time on the comic and projects. So much that I need to get done, so much I am not doing. Ah my brain on pain meds. boring....

Meet fellow Oak Islandite and Revereite 50 is the new 30 We live just blocks from each other and he surprised me with a visit today. It was a short one, I was and am in a lot of pain and could not be much of a host. Perhaps another time. When the house and I are a bit more presentable.


  1. I hope you find a good solution soon. Hugs.

  2. Once I heal internally it will be better. My biggest worry is that I am getting almost home bound. I had a bad experience when I went out last week, and I am almost scared to try it again.

    I have to force myself out the door tomorrow so I don't end up living in a box.


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