Thursday, February 05, 2009

Not the only blogger in Revere

Yes the good news is I am not the only blogger in the Revere blogger sphere. I love how that rhymes, I need to work on a poem for that. I have been looking around blog spot and Google looking for other bloggers within the ten square miles, of Revere.

I love this silly little static Revere is 10 square miles of which, 4.1 square miles are open water and marsh land that is 'not suitable for development. The remaining 5.9 square miles is developed land. From the cities web site. :

Bottom Line J

- Mostly a blog about golf, and occasionally Revere.

50's The New 30's

- Interesting guy, also disabled, a bit older than me, married with 3 adult children.

A day in the life

- A 20 year old Reverite who is in the National Guard. He only just started blogging, so bear with him. I expect an interesting ride.


- One of the teachers in the local school system started a blog. He needs to update it WAY more often.

Baked On The Beach

- I love this blog, even though it has not been updated with new recipes in months. The lovely picture of cupcakes at the top of her blog are yummy enough to curb my craving for cupcakes.

Rants powered by cider and pie

- A local kid, fresh out of college, does anyone have an IT job for him?

Well I should write some original content. For now, enjoy this sneeze post.

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