Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Steps from the beach surrounded by snow

Went outside to clean the drive way and clear the snow off the car. I thought about driving down to Stop and Shop and getting some ice cream. Started the car and everything, then decided to just come back inside. When I went out I noticed that there were footprints going around my car and all the way to the gate. Some one had walked all the way to the gate then across the front of the gate.

Man I love scrubs. This show is the best.

From there they went back around the passenger side of the car and out of the yard. I wonder who it was? While I was shoveling the dogs were out back playing and barking at me. When I finished I went out back and played with the dogs for a while. The neighbors were out back, with the big lights on. The kids started throwing snowballs over the fence. I am so glad that I left the 8ft stockade fence back there. They are not the kind of neighbors I want to have seeing into my yard. I know it's only snow balls, but they should throw them at each other, not at me and my kids.

I started taking pictures while I was in the back yard. That really pissed them off and the mother started yelling at me. I just yelled back that I was taking pictures of my pets and to mind there own business. I wonder how much higher I can make that fence.
I got the nice picture of the house, with the snow falling. I love how the flash managed to grab and reflect the light. The dogs had a great time playing in the snow and both are already sleeping.

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  1. That snow is incredibly thick! You seem to live in an interesting patch of nature Fibro Witch. I will return when I have told the others about your blog!

    Ever Yours,
    Clayrn Darrow the Rhythmic


Thanks for the comment, come back any time. Bring friends.

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