Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I walked the dogs to the beach!

Wish I had brought my camera, as today was the first day I let Drumstick run 'off leash'. Well I leave both leashes attached to the dogs. It makes it easier to track them, and where they poo. As long as they don't drag the leashes through the poo.

Since they are both good at returning when called, I allow them to walk in front of me by a bit. Byron stays close, amazingly close lately. Turning around to look and make sure I am following. Drumstick runs a bit ahead, moving back and forth snuffing away. He did look up when another dog started barking, but I called him to me and he came running back. He got a treat for that. Made me wish I had the camera, and they both raced to me shoulder bumping and tussling to be first.

Silly boys, they both got treats when they got to me. Now they are both stretched out sleeping at my feet. I'm upstairs today, the end of the street is being dug up again, and the neighborhood smells of sewage. AGAIN.

The boys look so cute when they are sleeping. Ops, something woke both of them up. They are looking out the front windows. Nothing of interest to see, back to bone chewing and snoozing.

I need to collect a few more spoons and make some phone calls myself. Schedule doctors appointments and such. Stitches come out on Thursday. I am going to have such tiny scars that I could wear a bikini and they would not show. Not that I will, at least not as long as I still have the slight tummy.
Well I got in a nice long walk. .16th of a mile, however far that is?

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