Friday, March 13, 2009

What I did today

So this morning I took the dogs for a quick walk, and then headed to my doctors' office. Oh boy, did she give me the business. She yelled at me for pushing myself to far to fast. For doing things like going grocery shopping on my own less than two weeks after major surgery. She reminded me that while I only have 3 tiny stitches I had major surgery.

Then she asked who had driven me to the office. I smiled and pointed to myself. So she let me have it. Reminding me that I am suppose to be careful, that I am a slow healer, and that my body needs time to rebuild. I did not mention that I had been driving around the area looking at dolls for sale.

I made some amazing buys this week, including a large collection of dolls and clothing. The best buy had to be today, I found a woman selling large amounts of Barbie stuff. Things she had had as a child, and things her daughter had played with too. Most of the stuff had been put away dirty, (yuck I hate when that happens) and was not all that collectible. She also had her 1962 Teen Fashion Model Dream house! Other than a little bit of dirt and some damage from having stuff stored on it, it was in good condition. She still had all the parts, and while they were all dirty, none of them were damaged.

She had no idea what she did not 'not' have. I spent a little bit of time telling her how to take care of her stuff. Gave her a tiny lesson on how she and her daughter need to clean up what they have before they try to sell it. Even if, as she plans they place the dolls out for sale during a garage sale, no one is going to purchase the stuff as messy as it is.

She said her mother had a day care center in the 70's and she has all the toys from the center in her basement. Someone, and I don't mean me, is going to find a gold mine down there some day. Unless the items continue to deteriorate because of how they were stored.

The house is sitting on the kitchen table airing out, it did have a bit of a 'storage' smell to it. Once that airs out, I plan on dry wiping the house. I will put the house itself in storage, but display the furniture. Or at least that is my plan for right now. I took some pictures of the house now, before cleaning, I'll post the pictures I take AFTER cleaning.

Called G as soon as I got home to let him know about the house. He is a collector as well, (of GI Joe) and he understands the joy of the find. He had some great advice for repairing the minor damage to the house. He could tell I was still on a finders high from getting the house, and predicted I would crash in about a half hour.

He is right, I walked the dogs, set up the house to air out and I am so ready to crash. Going to go upstairs and take a nap. Both dogs are snoozing, I think I shall join them. Only I will do so upstairs on my bed.

EDIT ---- woken up by cats fighting outside. So I decided to take a quick picture of the find and post it here.

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