Sunday, March 29, 2009

Please spread the word, download the work, and punch up a nice review.

From my dear friends and accomplished tarot reader

My mother is an accomplished children's writer and has a book excerpt in Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award contest. I would love for everyone to help me spread the word about this new story of hers.

Here's a description by the author:

Halley's Hope

Halley, a light-skinned slave, and an old servant are attacked by Confederate deserters on the outskirts of Atlanta as the Yankee bombardment of Atlanta is ending. The old servant is killed, and Halley barely escapes being raped in the attack.

She believes the Yankees will be her salvation. Disguised as a boy, she sets off to join up with the Yankee army. Sadly, she learns that many Yankees send runaway slaves back to their masters. Even if her appearance doesn’t give her away, her speech could. Her strong slave dialect is a huge stumbling block. She must learn to speak, and act like a soldier or be returned like a runaway farm animal.


The contest is determined by a variety of factors including customer reviews and ratings so please help a talented author and go to Halley's Hope and download the short pdf file for free. I love this historical fiction story and I think you all will as well.



Jan again, yes I down loaded it, and read it. It's wonderful, has a girl hero and is amazing.

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