Monday, March 30, 2009

Do you know this scammer?

A special light must go on when I leave the house. Something to let people know they should engage in their worst behaviors. Allowing all the crazies to come out from what ever cave they spend the day in. I went to the bank, and got to watch a real space case.

The person in front of me had a citizen's bank atm card, and she wanted to take money out of the account. She was unable to use the card, because the bank requires a photo identification to take money out. To prevent people from walking up to the desk with a card that does not belong to them and taking out money.

This person, did not have a photo id, and did not remember her PIN, or home address, or her date of birth. The more questions the bank asked, the less this woman knew about herself. Did she know the last transaction on the account, NO. Did she know the last four digits of her ssn, NO. Could she tell them which Citizen's Bank she usually banked at, NO.

Then she started crying telling people she suffered from short term memory problems and had no idea who she was. The bank manager offered to call an ambulance, or the police. She declined assistance, asking for the bank card back. Meanwhile, the line was building behind me, more and more people watching this with amusement. The tellers refused to give her back the card, until she could provide proof that it was her's. She looked to the line growing behind her, not sure if she was looking for sympathy. Or someone to give her the money she wanted.

I kept wondering if she was really as lost as she said. Because if I was in that situation, if I was that confused about who I was, I would WANT to go to the hospital, not think about finding another bank that would give me money.

The flip side being, if I had found a bank card, belonging to some one else. And, thought I could bull shit a grocery store bank to give me all the money in the account just by flashing the card, temporary amnesia would be my fall back excuse.

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