Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Happy April Fools Day

The new CEO's of Car Talk

Click and Clack take over GM

Of course my April fools day prank on the puppies is to give them three bully sticks and watch them try to figure out which stick has the most taste. Which one has the longest chew.

My body is playing an April Fools joke on me as well. I feel like total crap, my doctor has put me back on oxy. I love the feeling of being pain free. I hate how I can't think in complete sentences.

I'm back, just spent some time playing with Drumstick. He is the most amazing dog. I would have thought that after two years of neglect and abuse he would have turned into a people hating dog. One that preferred to be left alone, had no real use for people. I could not have been more wrong. After a month of deciding if I could be trusted, pushing me to see if I would give up on him. Drummy gave me his trust and his heart.

He is the greatest little dog now, loves to play loves to learn new games. He will never be a dog that does tricks. Toss a ball and he will return it. Some times he brings me toys to toss for him to retrieve. I have been thinking for the last few days that my sister and her family missed out on, and almost ruined a sweet little dog.

Right now, after playing fetch and playing with a stuff toy for a bit he has curled up next to me and is sleeping. Byron is curled up at my feet also sleeping. What a sweet little dog he turned out to be. A bit on the chubby side, because he is making up for lost time, and as a beagle their natural state is fat.

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