Saturday, April 04, 2009

Loosing the Boston Globe - not good

Boston Globe in the news

Boston Globe talking about it self

Surprised no one is talking about this. But then, I guess it's possible I'm one of the few people with an on line presence who reads the Boston Globe.

So question:

How many of the people in this community read any newspaper?

How many people read the Boston Globe the paper version, not the on line one?

How many people read the on line version of the Boston Globe?

How many people don't read news at all?

If I was stronger and healthy, or at least able to get off the couch, I would try to start a protest. Maybe we can get John Henry to purchase the Globe?

I stopped getting the daily paper because the delivery system was horrid. The people delivering my paper could not go a full 7 days with out my having to call the Globe and get a new paper. I finally stopped home delivery because it was not worth the hassle.

So I switched to getting the paper on Thursday and Sunday. Same person, more problems. I could not be the only person this delivery person was screwing with. How hard could it be to put the paper in the hook by the mailbox. Well since the person was in a car, and just slowed down to toss it toward my home. It ended up in puddles, or in the neighbors yard as often as my own.

I think the change from personalized delivery, where the paper boy/girl family was a local family that you could talk to. Now delivery is done by a guy in a fast moving car who has such a large delivery area that service has been replaced by speed.

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  1. We subscribe to the New York Times. We put old copies down on the floor in the back room for Angel the dog, in case she has an "accident." Lately she's taken to shredding them. I don't think she's figured out how to deal with the presence of the baby and the absence of Ringo. Neither have we. I like that the Times has added KenKens to the crossword puzzle section.

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