Sunday, April 26, 2009

And some people wonder why I sleep during the day

It's because of nights like last night. Times are not exact, but as close as my memory can get...

10:30 - Finish a long phone call with an old friend. We talk about everything from crap that happened years ago, to the TV show we are watching.

11:00 - Have showered, brushed teeth, taken meds, curl up to go to bed.

12:45 - Byron and Drumstick decide now would be a good time to show me the new song they have learned to play on the squeekie toy. A musical instrument that makes one appreciate the dulcet tones of the flutophone. The concert ends quickly, after a review by the house critic. The boys might take the show on the road i.e. outside later today.

2:30 - Byron has a nightmare. Not sure what he was scared about, but both Drumstick and I got woken up. Byron slept through it.

4:34 - Purrball misses me, she misses me so much that she decided I should be nocturnal too. Ya she headbutted and pawed at me until I woke up. We cuddled and played until my moving about on the bed woke up the dogs. Who woke up just about everybody else.

5:57 - Birds see the first hint of the sun rising over the ocean. Decide this is important news they want to share with everyone they can. Continue to share that amazing news until I get up and feed them, at which point they take a break, hooray for craft services.

6:10 - Byron and Drumstick have something they want to tell me. Hey mom, since your up, do you think we can go for a walk around the block. Nothing big or anything, just you know a walk.

6:11 - Oh wow, it's really early, you know on second thought, we're going back to sleep. Can you serve breakfast around 9? And, can we have it in bed?

6:33 - That would be now. The birds are singing, the dogs are snoring, and I am wondering if I should make coffee, or go back to bed. Because you know, it's been just a real quality nights sleep I got.

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