Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Book Review - Convent of the Pure - by Sara Harvey

Have you ever looked at the cover of a book and knew you just had to read it? Opened the book and by the end of the first chapter knew this was a book that was going to be read in one sitting no matter how long that took?

Only to be disappointed when you turned the last page because you were not ready to leave the universe?

Well Convent of the Pure is all these things and more. Sara tells us the story of Portia, a woman who is 'special' and has been trained to hunt fiends. Demons who hunt and hurt humans. She is not perfect though, for she blames herself for the death of her love. A love who was turned into a ghost who both haunts and helps her.

All is not well in her world, and she is lead into a trap by a supposed friend who tries to use her, Imogen, and a group of children to put their world in danger. A wonderful world, part modern part mythical and all interesting. I look forward to more stories from this universe, telling us of Portia's further adventures, and back stories on some of the minor characters in this novel.

Sara, and Apex Publications promise this will be a trilogy, personally I am hoping for more than that. This is a small book only 138 pages, which surprised me because I could have sworn the book was longer than that. Some how she manages to put a full sized novel into this small book. I hope Apex is able to give this wonderful author a larger platform and publish a full size novel of this wonderful writer.

Please spread the word on this amazing author, Sara Harvey and her amazing book..

Convent of the pure

Oops, almost forgot the icing on this cupcake, an amazing cover and interior art by Melissa Gay


  1. Sounds like fun :-) I'll keep an eye out for it.

  2. I would loan you my copy, but I have the worst luck in getting books back. But then, I should be able to trust you.

    And this is an author I want to have a wider readership. Sigh, my brain is crushed today.


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