Monday, April 20, 2009

Bringing your attention to days dedicated to reading

April is about at it's end. The Boston Marathon has been run for the 113th time. The sun is setting while there are runners still on the course. Or maybe not, I think they start sweeping runners off the course by six. I usually like to travel down to the course and watch the race. However a fuel truck accident and a long walk with the dogs made me decide to stay in and watch it from home.

Now it's raining, and the boys are sleeping. I just keep reminding myself April showers bring May flowers. May flowers bring June strawberries. May brings something else, two days dedicated to reading.

May 1st brings a new day dedicated to purchasing book at independent book stores. Not on Amazon, not at the big box book stores, but at an independent book store. I think living in Boston as I do, I am spoiled. I have several independent book stores to choose from. The idea comes from Joseph Finder who talks about it on his blog. He also started a face book page for people to join. Better still, here is a web page dedicated to finding independent book stores. Independent book store finder

On Saturday May 2nd, is the 8th annual Free Comic Book Day! The day when Comic book stores around the world give away comic books! Not just one book, but to many books to list on this humble blog. Free Comic Book Day Everything from a new X-Men to a William Shatner presents.

I'll be spending time at Magic Dragon Comics, on Saturday, it's going be a madhouse, and I'm hoping that Free Comic Day will turn people into comic fans.

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