Saturday, April 18, 2009

Building up to a bigger post

Throwing out some question to the two or three people who read this blog.

If you went to college, and had a chance to step back into that body, just before you signed up for your first class. Would you take the same classes? Have the same major? Would you turn around and skip college entirely?

So what did you major in? Are you doing that very thing? I know several people who went to college to study library science and are indeed librarians. I went to college to study occupational engineering and safety, and that is what I did (until my body broke)

I think I have found the perfect test to see if some one should attend college or not. In my left hand, I have this book in my right a ten slice pizza. Which would you prefer?

If you clicked on the link, yes I really own this book. I had a review on the Amazon site, but until they get their crap together. Well you know. So read the book, or eat the pizza?

Please don't ask to borrow the book, one of my new years resolutions for 2009 was to never loan out another book. I have loaned out three books, and not a one ever returned. The book that broke me was loaning out "The Once and Future King" the person I loaned it to not even acknowledge my emails requesting the book back. I miss it more than I miss the two Mary Poppins books I loaned to some one else.

Hum, I hear a funny noise, like scratching. Got to go check it out.

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