Tuesday, April 28, 2009

This is a post for Trick Daddy - Please take your lupus medications

I don't know why, but I have been intently following the recently breaking story of Trick Daddy and his battle with lupus. I doubt he thinks he has anything in common with an almost fifty year old woman in Massachusetts. Well we do, we both have lupus. One of us is doing all we can to fight this disease. The other has decided the need for multiple doctors appointments and regular medication checks is not worth it.

As one who is fighting this darn disease, I don't want anyone to give up, to let this dam disease get them.

I figure most if not all of the people who read this blog don't follow Miami based rappers and to be honest neither do I. Can read about the March 23 announcement from Trick Daddy here

He said in another interview Trick Daddy stops taking his lupus medications. Well my fellow fighter, I hate taking my lupus medications too. I hate every thing about lupus. I hate the rashes, despise the pain, curse the regular blood tests.

I wonder why people who don't have this chronic illness as we do say things like this

So this crone of a white lady, who has been fighting lupus longer than Trick Daddy has been alive. Who so far is winning, wants to send a message to Trick Daddy. Please take your medications. Reach out to the rest of us who have lupus, we can share your pain. We are stronger as a group.

Please take your lupus medications.

This is his personal web page - Trick Daddy

This is his twitter account Trick Daddy At least I think it is. Not totally sure.

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  1. I suffer from bipolar and I only take one med - Depakote - but it is unpleasant enough that I have been non-compliant at times with disastrous consequences. It's not easy to commit to taking meds that, while unpleasant in the short term, can extend the quality of life. I have seen the light thanks to the help of some very close friends. I know my one med is not comparable to dealing with the side effects of the multiple meds you have to take but I can empathize a bit with Trick Daddy's frustration and your own.


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