Friday, May 01, 2009

What a collection of Star Trek I see ahead

During the commercials of the Red Sox game, (2 to nothing Red Sox) in case your wondering. I decided to jump to the DVR and just throw in Star Trek to see if anything came up.

Oh man, did stuff come UP.

First off, apparently, local channel five, the ABC station is showing the remastered TOS, starting this Saturday at 3am. Okay, not something I am going to stay up for, but something the DVR can stay up for me.

Next on the list of things I did not expect to see.

Star Trek - Captains Log on Bio channel at 11a on Tuesday May 5th, followed an hour later by Star Trek - 30 Years and beyond at noon
and one that claims to be brand new

Star Trek Retrospective 8pm to 10 pm on Bio channel - claiming to be made in 2009,

The History channel step up on May 9th with Star Trek: Beyond the Frontier from 2007

I am going to be having the best Star Trek week of this year. I'll write up memorial posts of my better Star Trek weeks after the Sox game.

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