Saturday, May 30, 2009

My day in pictures - at auditions for The Fighter

First a little bit of background, Micky Ward is a fighter from Lowell Mass, he is a champion and an amazing guy who has given back so much. He is also the subject of a great song from "The Drop Kick Murphy's"

Irish Mickey Ward

Me with Sean Gannon

That's Tom on the left, Sean Gannon in the middle, and this guy Bill we meet. All three of them got called for pictures. Sean is a big name in Mixed Martial Arts. He saw Tom and Bill talking and walked up to us.

Tom first thing in the morning, before he realized I had the camera out. That's Bill right behind him. I told him I was talking pictures of the line, and snapped one of him. It was not my original plan to drive to Lowell, but when I spoke to him yesterday he was about to give up and not go. Some where along the line I decided I was going to make it happen.

He needs a win. Being picked to spend even one day on the set of "The Fighter" is a win. Getting him out and about just hanging out for a day after the explosive battle the was the end of our friendship. Well what I thought was the end of our friendship.

He was brave enough to call me one day, and slowly build our friendship back up. That's one hell of a brave thing to do. As any one who has ever seen my dark side will tell you, that's not something you get past. I figured I owed him one back.

The second line. It had maybe all of 30 people in it who got interviewed for a real on camera positions.

Tom has to tell you most of the stories of today. Maybe I'll get him to tell them at a later time.

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