Saturday, May 09, 2009

Saw the new Star Trek movie

Still trying to write a review. As a stand alone film it was great. As a Trek film, it has a few problems. J.J. Abrams has way to much of a need to get something from all his other shows and movies into this movie. I get it that he likes to include 'easter eggs' to his fans. But at some point, his need for winks and nudges over comes a good story.

Each time I try to write a review it falls into a battle of nitpicks. Things that he got wrong, things that did not make any sense. I know I am a purest, I know how much the original series meant to me.

So the story was great, the casting amazing. The sets bad. Sorry, but as Enterprise understood, and no one else does, if this is the beginning of the story, we need to be looking at the Enterprise as she was. Not this super hyper charged every thing that 2009 can throw at us bridge, but the bridge as we saw her. Would it have been so much to ask. Ya we can do so much more now, but DO NOT FUCK WITH THE ENTERPRISE

Would it have killed you to do with a little less white paint. To have made the bridge look like the old bridge? That kept killing me. It would have been so easy to do it right, to give Captain Pike his number one, to make Spock the science officer, not first officer of Captain Pike.

To remember that before Jim was captain of the Enterprise, he was captain of the Farragut, and he brought Bones over from Farragut with him. That Mr. Scott was second engineer under Captain Pike, and that Dr. Perry was the chief medical officer of Enterprise before Dr. McCoy.

Part of me thinks the writers could have done better. Had Kirk and his mother spend time on Tarsus IV, with Kevin Riley. The scene with a tween Kirk crashing a car into a canyon (not as far as I know a geological feature found in Iowa) was unnecessary. Watching a child Kirk avoid the genocide on Tarsus IV would have been a much more dramatic and telling episode. I can almost see it, him grabbing a 4 year old Kevin Riley, and hiding some where until the supply ships arrived.

See, I liked the movie, but I know it could have been so much more. I feel it could have been canon, and a reboot, if they only took the time to learn something about Star Trek.


  1. this new Star Trek installment was so good that I will now start remembering the name "J.J. Abrams" and look out for anything else he might have made

  2. Well the stuff he already did is easy to find. Just watch the movie again, he mentions it at least once every 5 scenes.


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