Wednesday, May 13, 2009

2nd Annual Kite festival at Revere Beach

The second annual Revere Beach Kite Festival is happening on Saturday May 30th. Starting at 10 am and running until 4, the festival happens right across from Kelly's Roast Beef.

Last year's festival was loads of fun.

The first 200 kids age twelve or under will get free kites to design and fly. If this year is anything like last year there will be singers, face painting and kites, lots and lots of kites.

The people from the American Kite Association bring some amazing kites. Last year there were octopus kites the size of small cars, giant kites made of smaller kites. People teaching kite surfing and
Here are a few links related to the festival and the beach.
The kite association
American Kite Association

The people bringing the kites.
Seaside Kites

And the beach association itself.

revere beach

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